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 Building your investment




Constructing an investment is a complex and confusing procedure, even if you’ve done it before. To start, its often hard to find the right builder for the job. When you are building a home or investment property, this becomes more important than ever. At U lifestyle solutions, we have already found your perfect builder. You just haven’t met them yet….

U lifestyle recommended builders offer excellent value for money and have a comprehensive range of plans and prices to suit any budget or purpose. We offer access to more than a single builder to allow you to find the house perfectly suited for your needs.
U lifestyle looks to keep the lines of communication open with ALL the parties involved. this includes the builder, land agent, conveyancer, lender and of course yourself. By doing this, we take away a huge part of the stress and keep the process streamlined to offer where ever possible, a smooth transaction.
Whether you are a First Home Owner, Investor or looking for something a little special in a house, we have the right builder for you.

What we will  do for you:

  • Provide prompt and professional service from the first phone call right through to completion.
  • Pull together your builder, finance, land agent & the settlement agent to make the process simple and as painless as possible.
  • Provide free access to expert advice for all of these services.
  • Build you an exceptional value for money home.
  • Construct your new home or investment property on time and on budget.
  • Modify and re-design existing house plans to make a home to suit all your needs.
  • Introduce you to land developers who will give guidance on the best land available


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